Pharmacopeial Interest Group

Group Leaders:

Janeen Skutnik-Wilkinson, NSF-DBA

Karen Ginsbury
PCI Pharmaceutical Consulting Israel Ltd.

The Pharmacopeial Interest Group will serve as the liaison between RAQAB and the Pharmacopoeias, focusing mainly on the major pharmacopoeias of the world (e.g., USP, Ph. Eur., Japan Pharmacopeia, India Pharmacopeia, China Pharmacopeia, Brazil Pharmacopeia and the International Pharmacopeia (World Health Organization).  The deliverables of the group are as follows:

  • To advocate globally for greater pharmacopeial cooperation, harmonization (both prospective and retrospective), working towards the ultimate goal of a single international publication
  • To monitor compendial activities and publications and provide periodic reports to RAQAB
  • To prepare science based position papers on compendial initiatives and proposals for approval
  • To represent PDA at the Pharmacopeial Stakeholder Forums
  • To proactively identify compendial topics.