Advisory Boards

PDA Advisory Boards (ABs) are made up of PDA members with demonstrated skills, knowledge and expertise in PDA relevant topics.  The ABs provide oversight for PDA's scientific, technical and regulatory activities through the initiation of projects and the development of guidelines, technical reports, technical bulletins, training curricula, surveys, and regulatory comments. The ABs recommend the approval of projects as well as documents to the PDA Board of Directors.

ABs may form Task Forces with a specific objective, which is defined by an approved AB Work Project Proposal Form. The need for an AB Task Force may originate from within an Interest Group, the AB itself, other PDA Committees, Board of Directors (BoD) or PDA staff. Alternatively, a PDA member may identify a particular need and seek approval to initiate an activity under PDA’s auspices by submitting an AB Task Force Project Proposal to the AB for approval.

ABs are ultimately responsible to the BoD. ABs are expected to apprise the BoD of their significant activities verbally and/or through periodic (e.g., quarterly) verbal or written reports. ABs may request funding from PDA for task forces (e.g., for technical editors or writers, project managers, face to face meetings), research and/or special technical projects. ABs have no budgetary expenditure authority; any expenditure must be submitted to and approved by the President of PDA.

Interest Groups are grouped under the relevant AB and are given direction by the AB.

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