Interest Groups

PDA Interest Groups function as vehicles and resources for the individual PDA member to develop and make an impact on his or her scientific, technological, regulatory or training area of interest.  The Chair of the Interest Group is a PDA member, volunteer and is appointed by the Chair of the supervising AB and approved by the relative Advisory Board.  PDA Interest Groups will:

  • Promote the mission of PDA by sharing, evaluating and disseminating information through support of conferences, training and publications;
  • Provide the individual member with a responsive forum and venue to expand the member's knowledge and skill sets in the respective Interest Group topic.
  • Provide PDA with focused, expert, up-to-date scientific, technological, regulatory or training leadership and information thereby serving the membership.
  • Hold meetings at PDA Conferences like PDA/FDA, PDA/EMA, Annual Meeting or as deemed relevant for the IG Leader.

Any PDA member can join one or more Interest Groups, Most members join PDA Interest Groups not only because they are an excellent source of specialized information, but also because they serve as a springboard for involvement in other leading-edge PDA activities such as the drafting and publication of PDA Technical Reports and PDA Technical Bulletins.

So, participate and get involved! This is your chance, as a PDA Member, to learn, to influence future program content, and become more actively connected with the mission of PDA.

List of BioAB-sponsored Interest Groups

North America Europe
Biotechnology Interest Group Biotechnology Interest Group
Combination Products Interest Group  
Lyophilization Interest Group  
  Lyophilization-Freeze Drying Interest Group
Vaccines Interest Group