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The PDA Bookstore carries many items you may be interested in:

PDA-DHI Technical Books
PDA/DHI technical books are specifically developed for the professional needs of PDA members. Written by colleagues and peer reviewed, each serve as a practical guide and reference for specific topics facing practitioners in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

PDA Technical Reports
PDA Technical Reports are unique PDA products that offer expert guidance and opinions on a variety of important scientific and regulatory topics pertaining to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. The reports are written by teams of subject-matter experts representing industry, academia, and regulatory authorities, then are put through the PDA peer review process - including review and approval by PDA's Science and Advisory Board and Board of Directors - before they are published.

Multimedia Training Tools
Developed for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical operations, these programs make great tools for individual or group training.

  • Training CDs/Video CDs/DVDs/Interactive CD-ROMs
  • Available in international formats and different languages