PDA Board of Directors: Nominate a Candidate

Nominations for the Board of Directors elections

PDA’s Board of Directors adopted a new open nomination process for Board of Director/Executive Committee elections in 2013.

Previously, the nominating committee (comprised of the members of the Executive Committee) nominated PDA members for the elections. Seeking to expand individual member contribution to the Association and empower members, however, the Board opened up the nominating process.

This new process helps ensure that the Board and Executive Committee is truly representative of PDA’s increasingly diverse and international membership. PDA members are encouraged to nominate their colleagues within the Association for the Board elections. Only members in good standing can nominate board or officers.The PDA Nominating Committee will consider all nominations, but certain minimum standards will apply for nominees to appear on the final ballot, including:

  1. Status of membership
  2. Level of activity within PDA
  3. Volunteer history
  4. Length of membership

To nominate, send an e-mail to: nominate@pda.org.